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Support to Library Service for Education

Hosted meetings, (free of charge), organised by the LSE (Library Services for Education).

* We have given a number of local school librarians tours of King's Library to give them ideas on planning, seating and general organisation.

* We share ideas via the LSE eg. 'good practice', reading lists, author recommendations etc.

* We have donated surplus stock to other school libraries.

* King's Library is a member of the SLA (Schools Library Association) and is on the SLN (School Libraries Network) and so also provides more national support via these organisations


Aim: To aid other school libraries with best practcie and share ideas

Need: Libraries are always looking to adapt and improve

Beneficiaries: Members of the public and schools who will eventually benefit form sharing of best practice and also use the second hand books.


The partnership came about as the school is a member of SLA