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Careers advice and support to Al-Ashraf Secondary School for Girls

Year 10 and 11 Girls from the Al-Ashraf Secondary School in Gloucester are invited to attend our annual careers fair and also to join the L6 students to visit 'What Career/What University Live?' at Birmingham NEC as guest of The King's School.


Aim: To allow the girls to access the wide varety of career information at these two events.

Need:  The girls are keen explore what careers are available to them so this is a good way for them to have the opportunity to see what careers are possible.

Factors for success: Attendance of the event.

Beneficaries: The girls from the partner school are the immediate beneficiaries and more broadly the community in Gloucester if the event enables them to pursue a successful career.



The project has been going for many years and was identified as a need by Miss Annie Williams, who is the Director of Careers and HIgher Education at The King's School, Gloucester.



Resources used: The King's School buildings, support staff and teachers who put on the careers event. 

Coach for travel to the live event in Birmingham.

The careers event run by KSG is a whole day event and involves at least 4 staff on the day and weeks of preparation.

Financial contribution: The King's School pay for the visit to the 'What Careers' live event in Birmingham.





Anticapted outcomes are that the girls will go on to Higher Education and continue their education.

Pupil Involvement

KSG pupils involvement: Pupils from Year 10 - L6 in senior school are involved in this event.

Al-Ashraf pupils from Year 10 -11 attend the event.


This is an annual event.