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Support for IB Diploma launch

St Clare's, Oxford is providing support as the Europa School prepares to launch the teaching of the IB Diploma from September 2019. St Clare's is the longest-established IB Diploma provider in England and runs the only school-based authorised IB teacher training institute in the UK. Our international ethos chimes very well with the internationalism of Europa School.


Support for IB Diploma launch. We aim to provide help for Europa School management, staff, pupils and parents.


Direct contact between the Principal of St Clare's and the Head of Europa School.


St Clare's teaching staff expertise, low-cost access to St Clare's teacher training workshops, no time limit.


Successful transition of ESUK from teaching the European Baccalaureate to IB Diploma over the next two years.

Pupil Involvement

All ESUK pupils over the next few years are the potential beneficiaries since the curriculum change is dictated by Brexit.


Ongoing project over the next two-three years.