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IB Diploma Launch

St Clare's, Oxford has strong experience of teaching the IB Diploma programme and of training IB teachers. St Clare's is supporting XP School in its preparation for delivering the IB Diploma and IB Career-related Programme, for first teaching in September 2019.


The aims of the project are to enable XP School to gain accreditation as an IB World School and successfully to deliver the IB Diploma curriculum for their Sixth Formers from September 2019. Delivery of the IB Diploma is technically complex and support from an established provider will help XP in a wide variety of ways including teacher training provided by the St Clare's IB Institute. Success will be measured by XP's accreditation as an IB World School and the smooth introduction of IB Diploma from 2019. The beneficiaries are all students at XP School since IB Diploma and IB Career-related Diploma will be the only qualifications on offer post-16.


The partnership came about through personal contact between the Principal of St Clare's and the Founder and CEO of XP School. The ambitions and ethos of XP School were an excellent fit with the charitable objectives of St Clare's, which are to further international education and understanding. The partnership was established in July 2017.


Staff time and the human resources and goodwill of St Clare's and XP School teaching and non-teaching staff and students are critical to the success of the project. Costs will be shared between St clare's and XP School.


The benefit of the partnership will be measured firstly by XP School's accreditation as an IB World School, then by the successful delivery of the IB from September 2019 and thereafter by results achieved from 2021, and the sustainability and stability of the delivery of the programme.


Ongoing project from July 2017.