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Sixth Form Provision for Trinity School

The Kingsley School have welcomed a number of students from Trinity Catholic School to study one of their A-Level subjects with us where this was not going to be an option for them otherwise.


This has benefitted the students involved, as they have had access to a wider range of subjects to choose from than would otherwise have been the case.

The project has also benefitted Trinity Catholic School, as some of these students might otherwise have gone to other sixth form provision in the town where they could have their full choice of subjects (therefore reducing Trinity's income), or be forced to consider putting on unviable subject options, which would be financially detrimental to them.


Trinity Catholic School were facing a small cohort of students going into their Sixth Form, and had started consulting with their school community on whether they might be forced to close their sixth form provision for a couple of years, until the higher pupil numbers in year groups further down the school made it viable once again.

We contacted Trinity to see if might be of assistance. Happily, after consultation, Trinity decided not to close their Sixth Form provision. However, to assist their pupils in having the widest possible choice of subjects, we offered to allow a number of their students to study one of their subjects with us, where the uptake for those subjects was too small for Trinity to consider putting on those subjects themselves.


The students involved study two subjects with Trinity School, but come to Kingsley each week to join our own students in studying for one of their subject choices, that Trinity were unable to offer.


The project has been very well received, as it benefits both the individual students as well as Trinity Catholic School as a whole.

The students are assessed in the same way as our own students, to ensure that good progress is being made towards the achievement of good examination results.

Pupil Involvement

There have been 5 students (boys and girls) who have taken up this opportunity, who are all aged 16.


This project started in September 2018, and will continue for the two year duration of their studies (i.e. until summer 2020)