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Sixth Form co-teaching

Our schools have agreed a partnership to enable students at Wrenn Academy to pursue some A Level subjects by having some or all of their lessons taught by Wellingborough School staff on the Wellingborough School site.


We aim to enhance the opportunities for these students and provide a broader set of choices for them, in subjects that might otherwise not be feasible. To succeed, the schools have had to liaise regarding personnel and timetables. In the 2018-19 academic year this will benefit those students at Wrenn Academy wishing to pursue A Level Economics.


The project has developed from disucssions between the Schools, both at senior and middle management levels, which identified occasions when Wellingborough School could offer a course that might not be running at Wrenn Academy. It has been agreed to have these discussions on at least an annual basis to recognise how Wellingborough School might be able to help in the next academic year.


Wrenn students will be taught alongside Wellignborough School students in A Level classes, by Wellingborough School teachers. This will remain in the place for the duration of the course.


Both schools will track the progress of the students, who would be expected to at least meet their target grade in public exams.

Pupil Involvement

All students involved  - who may be boys or girls - will be between 16 and 18 years of age.


This project will last for the duration of the A Level course and it is planned that it will be repeated as per the needs of Wrenn Academy and the ability of the schools to match timetables.