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Shine Project

To raise aspirations in children from local primary schools through a programme of Saturday morning lessons and activities provided by Senior School staff and pupil volunteers


Aim is to raise aspirations and increase pupil engagement in their learning. To provide opportunities for growth and development through the programme.

Pupils are chosen based on factors including pupil premium, free school lunches, SEN need.

Critical factors for success include pupil enjoyment of the programme, leading to greater engagement in school.  Development of self-esteem and confidence. Inspiring pupils through activities and events that develop their character and love of learning.

Immediate beneficiaries are the pupils from the primary school and the volunteers who accompany the pupils.  Families of the children are also engaged in the programme.  Pupils from NHSG gain a lot from volunteering for the programme also. Pupils Tve gone on to join NHSG through funded bursaries, benefitting them personally and contributing to the wider community at NHSG.


Funding was initially granted through the Shine Charity, following need and opportunity identified by NHSG, however now the project is funded solely by NHSG as part of its Outreach work. Links were developed over time with participating primaries. Shine has been established for 10 years now.


NHSG covers transport and costs. Resources from NHSG are also crucial - in terms of facilities and staffing as well as pupil volunteers from Sixth Form. The programme makes use of NHSG school facilities and uses both teaching and non-teaching staff. It lasts for 4 months each year and runs every Saturday from 9am until 12. Partner schools do not pay for the sessions.


 September – December 2019 – 48 on the programme in total  

Previous years: between 30 to 50. Pupils, parents and staff are issued with end of project questionnaires which are always extremely positive.  Attendance rates have improved on an annual basis, and children who attend in Year 5 usually come back in Year 6. Follow up meetings at the the school are also very positive about the long-term impact on some of the children, e.g. better team work, more engaged in lessons, more confident etc. 

Pupil from West Denton Primary went on to secure bursary for senior school at NHSG and is thriving.



Pupil Involvement

There are a number of volunteers from NHSG who take the sessions and who work with the children attending.  The pupils from NHSG are Year 12 and 13.  There are 20 volunteers. All are girls.

The pupils from Richardson Dees, Welbeck and West Denton are aged 9-11. Boys and girls take part.


This is an ongoing programme.  The sessions run weekly from January until March on a Saturday morning. We expect the programme to continue indefinitely.