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Scholarship programme

Colston's sixth form staff pair with staff at Merchant's Academy, Oasis Brightstowe & Orchard School through a series of assemblies & visits to raise aspirations and promote the Colston's scholarship programme: 100% to encourage aspirations of the most able.


Partner schools, 2 withour sixth form, use the programme to increase asiprations, improve behaviour and attendance amongst students with the most potential who may not be fulfilling it.


Head of Sixth/Society and Old Colstonian society.  4 years.


Sixth form teaching staff. Also provide minibuses for visits. Tours of school. Financial contribution from Old Colstonian society to fund scholarships.


Improved academic aspirations, attendance and behaviour. 

Pupil Involvement

Y11 pupils at the above mentioned partner schools. Y12 mentors at Colston's.


Ongoing. October-February annually.