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Rawlinson Cross Country Run for local schools

The Rawlinson Cross Country Run for Year 2, 3 and 4 local school pupils. Local schools are invited to enter one or all of the 6 available runs. Various prizes up for grabs on the day. 


To promote the joys of running for fun. 

The main aim is to get lots of schools together to enjoy some exercise which can be seen as competitive or simply an opportunity to try something new.


This event was started 15 years ago, shortly after Sport Relief began and primary schools were working hard to get their pupils to be more active. 

Our previous Head of Junior Sport came up with the idea and from that first event, which was attended by 6 schools, has grown into our largest event of the year. This academic year 13 schools attended, with just under 400 runners competing.


A lot of staff are involved in both the organisation and execution of this event. Approximately 100 man hours are required and about half of our school site is utilised.

The set up for the course, catering, liaising with visiting schools, parking and prizes takes a great amount of planning and time. However, we love hosting the event and look forward to continuing its expansion in the future.


With approximately 400 pupils running each time in recent years, the impact is tremendous. Every child who participates goes home with a certificate and have experienced a large scale running event and all the positives that go with it.

We have never collected data about just how many of the visiting pupils go on to join running clubs or to try their local Park Run but it is something we may do in the future.

Pupil Involvement

This event is open to all pupils in Years 2, 3 and 4.


This is an annual event, usually held on the second Friday in September. The most recent event was September 2021.