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Football Festival for Local Primary Schools

Local primary schools are invited to spend an afternoon at Dulwich Prep, playing football. The event is open to any school and is aimed at Year 5 and 6 pupils.


To promote being active. To demonstrate the joys of being part of competitive team sports. To provide an opportunity for meeting new people. To foster good relations with our local schools. 

The event benefits the pupils, staff and parents of all the schools involved.


This event has been running for approximately ten years now. In the past it was very much about competitve play.

In recent years we have re-structured the afternoon somewhat so that while there is still a competitive element, the priority is very much about all the pupils having the opportunity to flourish, regardless of how much experience they have in the sport.


We dedicate between 3 and 5 football pitches, depending on the number of schools in attendance. 

Time has to be dedicated before, during and after the event from many departments in the school. 

In total, approxiamtely 25 man hours are required.


This event, like many that we hold, benefits not only the visiting staff, pupils and parents but our own as well.

Each year previous attending schools return and we aim to add more. The feedback we recieve is very positive and whilst we are not introducing a new sport to most of the visitors, they greatly value the opportunity.

Pupil Involvement

We aim this event at pupils in Years 5 and 6 from local primary schools. We usually enter a mixed gender team from our own school also and it provides an excellent opporunity for our boys and girls to play matches together.


This is an annual event, usually held at the beginning of November. The most recent was held in November 2021 and included 7 local schools.