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Community Engagement

The Dulwich School Cranbrook is involved with the local community in a number of ways. 

At various times during the academic year our pupils entertain and visit various care homes in our local area. This can be dancing, singing, play performances or simply having afternoon tea together.

Dulwich Prep hosted a match between the young refugees currently residing at the Swattenden Centre and Cranbrook School. Mr Kidney, our Deputy Head, refereed the match which was played in a spirit of friendship. 


These visits provide valuable opportunities for our children to learn from the retired generation whilst also providing wonderful experiences for the adults from the various homes and support groups.

Events like this have always been part of our school calendar but in recent years we have increased the number of them.


In the autumn, the children from our Nursery and Reception visit the residents of Evernden House in Cranbrook to distribute gifts from our Harvest Festival, and to chat to them.

Our senior play occurs in the Spring term and as part of the preparation for performances to the parents, groups of our performers often visit local organisations. 

In the summer, residents from a local care home are invited to come to see the Reception children perform their country dancing. This is followed by afternoon tea with the children. 


While the residents and patients of the local organisations throughly enjoy being entertained, we feel that our pupils also benefit a great deal. In addition to these events providing an opportunity to practise their skills, the pupils involvement with the wider community is very important for their all round education.

Pupil Involvement

All age groups at the school (3-13) are involved at different times throughout the school year.