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Public Lecture Programme

The St Peter's School Public Lecture programme is a series of free lectures, talks and presentations by a range of world-class speakers from a variety of disciplines.

Hosting between 6 and 10 per term, St Peter's offers seats at these lectures to all our ISSP partner schools, alongside the wider public, as part of our commitment to provide inspiration and opportunity to all who visit St Peter's.

Recent speakers have included Professor Lisa Randall from Harvard University, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable, broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby and humanitarian Terry Waite.


The Public Lecture Programme aims to inspire all who attend its events to see a subject in a new way. All our speakers are carefully chosen for their ability to communicate often complex concepts to an inexpert, and often young , audience. Schools from across the region frequently send pupils to our lectures, whilst the majority of the audience is made up of members of our local community.


The speakers are arranged by two members of the academic staff and administrated by the marketing department. On the night, events are supervised by up to five members of staff and pupil volunteers for a duration of 2 - 3 hours.

The majority of lectures are held in St Peter's School's Memorial Hall, though some events take place in the Shepherd Hall at St Olave's.

Pupil Involvement

Whilst St Peter's pupils are welcome to attend the event, some Sixth Formers will do so as volunteers, helping our guests find their way around. At any given lecture, there are usually at least 3 other schools in attendance, with our ISSP partner school being invited each time.


The lectures all take place during term time, with between 5 and 10 lectures per term. This means up to 30 lectures each year, with the attendances growing each time.