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Mencap Day

Mencap Day at St Peter's takes place in the Summer Term each year. Children and adults supported by Mencap in the North attend the event, and work with Year 9 pupils from St Peter's on various sports activities, drama workshops and music lessons as they spend time learning new skills. 


The aim of Mencap Day is to raise awareness of their work amongst our pupils and school community whilst providing a day of socialising, activities and learning for the members of the community that Mencap supports. 

At St Peter's we take our role as a charity and educator in the local community seriously and identified an opportunity to share our excellent facilities and extend a warm welcome to both children and adults with learning difficulties who may not have access to the kinds of activities that our pupils enjoy. 

We also saw an opportunity for our pupils to gain valuable experience facilitating and participating in the day's activities. 

A measure of the success of the event is the fact it is repeated each year. We rely on the smooth running of the event and positive feedback from those involved. We want participant; both visitors and pupils; to come away from the event with new experiences and skills. 

Children and adults supported by Mencap, pupils and members of staff involved can all benefit from this important event in the school calendar. 


The project involves the use of school facilities such as classrooms, sports halls and equipment, music rooms and outdoor areas. 

The involvement of pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff is integral to the day. Around a hundred Year 9 pupils take part, supervised by 3-5 staff members and Mencap support workers, with activities taking place during school hours. 


Any assessment of the activity is based upon feedback gathered from pupil helpers, along with Mencap participants and staff. 

Pupil Involvement

Girls and boys from Third Form (age 13-14) assist in the running of the day and take part in activities with participants, liaising with Mencap representatives to ensure the smooth running of the event. 


Mencap Day is an annual event.