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Pinewood Year 5 Inter-Schools Maths Competition

Pinewood was delighted to welcome 11 local schools to take part in the Annual Inter-Schools Maths Competition.

After warming up with some puzzles, the teams went straight into the mental arithmetic round. There then followed 6 fun puzzles involving mathstick puzzles, benches, secret symbols and impossible prizes. The teams then took part in the Alpharace, racing against each other to capture the letters on the walls of the sports hall.


The competition was a great success with all children interacting with each other and being excited and engaged by the competition. There was also enormous sense of pride to be representing their school academically.


The competition is coordinated and created by Pinewood's Head of Maths. It takes place in Pinewood's Sports Hall and is supported by an additional 5 members of staff, including the Headmaster. We also had the support of some Year 8 pupils to help mark the competition. All costs were covered by Pinewood School.


Feedback from participating schools was very positive. It developed both comradeship and competitiveness amongst the children and gave them all a sense of pride for representing their children academically.

Pupil Involvement

The competition is open to Year 5 children.


This is an annual competition which Pinewood plans to continue for the foreseeable future.