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Freshbrook Community Project

Pinewood places great emphasis on ensuring that our children are aware of life beyond the school gates and the importance of their contribution to wider society. As children progress through the school there are different events which support this vision. 

In June 2019 our Year 8 Scholars dedicated their time to visiting the Freshbrook Church Lunchtime Club.  The club caters to local residents from West Swindon who are lonely and feel in need of company.  

The Scholars thoroughly enjoyed their visit, noting that not only did they feel they gave great joy to those that they visited, but they also felt they learnt a lot themselves. The wisdom and guidance offered by some of the elderly was something they felt could not simply be learnt in a classroom. 


The primary aim of the project is to expose the Year 8 children to the wider community and those who are less fortunate than themselves.  In this case it is those who lead a lonely and solitary life.  

The children visit the Centre to bring new energy, life and conversation to those there that day.  They too also benefit though by realising how much they can learn from others, particularly the older generation. 


The partnership initially came about through a connection with a Pinewood member of staff.  Although this member of staff has now left the association has kept going. 



One member of staff accompanied the children on this event and they travelled to the Centre in a school minibus. They were at the Centre for about 3 hours. 


Pupil Involvement

Year 8 children. 


We plan to continue this event on an annual basis.