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Petersfield Community Radio

Volunteer led project to introduce a Community Radio Station to the town of Petersfield. Involves four state and independent school community partners who collaborate on training events for pupils in journalism, interviewing, audio and digital skills.


  • To create a community radio station for the town of Petersfield which will be a celebration of creative talent.
  • To support the town's calendar of public and cultural events.
  • To provide information to connect residents and visitors to the South Downs National Park.
  • A unique and permanent aural history from the voices and stories of Petersfield people.
  • Building media skills across the community to ignite original storytelling, particularly in local schools. 




The project was established by a group of volunteers keen to create Petersfield's own community radio station. At an early stage, local state and independent schools were invited to join the project, and they now work together with other volunteers from the project to train pupils. Community partners schools are The Petersfield School, Bedales School, Ditcham Park School and Churcher's College. 

More information is available on the project website.


The project is run by volunteers.

Community partners schools provide meeting and training venues, and also teaching and non-teaching staff and pupil time to devote to the project.

Bedales is hosting a schools' audio training day on 26 June 2019 which will be attended by pupils and staff from the four community partner schools.



  • Up-skilling pupils in journalism and associated skills.
  • Building media literacy to help students distinguish between disinformation and fact.
  • Developing skills that grow future potential in the creative industries.
  • Helping to develop personal confidence through broadcast presentation

Tangible outcomes will be podcasts and other audio material produced by students. 

Pupil Involvement

11-18 year olds from the four community partner schools.


Planning meetings have taken place in the Spring and Summer terms of 2019. More activity will continue in the school year 2019/20 and beyond.