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Outward Bounds Trips Funding

As part of the ‘Expeditions Week’ Programme at FHS, parents have agreed to donate an additional £10 to the cost of the trip to provide a similar experience for the Year 6 Pupil Premium and Ever 6 Students at St Barnabas’. They will visit Michael Rosen’s ‘Farms For City Kids’ in rural Wales in Summer 2019. For many St Barnabas’ pupils this will be the first time they have been outside of the M25.


Our aims are to find suitable and sustainable ways of engaging our parents and girls in their local community. By raising money via our own 'Expeditions Week' we are able to highlight a pressing need at a local primary school and make parents aware of our links with the school and our Outreach programme more widely.

The Headteacher of St Barnabas regretted that, due to budget restrictions, he would not be able to afford to run a year group residential. We identified that by a small additional cost to our parents with the possibility of 'opting out' could help to cover some of the costs, particularly for Pupil Premium and Ever 6 students.


Regular conversations with the Head of St Barnabas have led to further understand on our part of the needs and ambitions of St Barnabas and how we can help them most effectively.

After a successful first year, we are now looking forward to our second tranch of fundraising this academic year.


There is a yearly financial contribution of around £2500, which is provided through parent fundraising. There is no use of school facilites or teaching staff, besides simple administration.


Impact will be assessed by St Barnabas staff. The Head of St Barnabas and a pupil from Year 6 will write a testimonial for the FHS school magazine and in a letter to parents.

The anticipated outcomes are that pupils in St Barnabas gain confidence and the link between our schools is further enhanced.


This is the second year of an activity that we hope to continue annually and indefinitely.