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NSB/Darras Hall partnership work

NSB staff have organised rugby skills days and a rugby after school club which ran for 6 weeks in the Summer term 2018 for boys and girls at Darras Hall.

NSB and Darras Hall staff have worked collaboratively to develop the teaching of English in both schools.

Staff from NSB have delivered training on how to engage boys as writers to the Darras Hall staff. Darras Hall staff supported NSB teachers and teaching assistants to develop the teaching of Phonics at NSB.


For the staff and children at Darras Hall Primary to received specialist skilled sports teaching from NSB staff to develop the skills of the children and the teaching of the staff.

For the staff of NSB and Darras Hall Primary to share expertise in the teaching of English to improve the English provision for the children in both schools.


This partnership came about when NSB staff approached Darras Hall Primary School to offer to work together as a partnership.


Use of the sporting facilities that NSB has access to.

Use of specialist teaching staff.


The success of this partnership will be measured by the improved Phonics results that the boys will receive during the end of year Phonics screening.

The success of the rugby afterschool club was measured by the development of the children’s skills in rugby during the six week course.

Pupil Involvement

Boys and girls in Years 5 and 6.


Ongoing project.

The focus for 2018 – 2019 will be sharing the expertise of the specialist NSB Junior School music teacher with Darras hall.