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Stay and Play Sessions

Both NSB Nursery and St Gabriel’s Day Care Nursery will host a stay and play session for the children to allow joint collaboration between the settings and to allow for opportunities for the boys and girls to mix and experience different activities.


To allow the children at St Gabriel’s Day Care Nursery to access our setting and resources. 

To provide opportunities for the boys and girls to mix and benefit from different learning opportunities.


This partnership came about when NSB staff approached St Gabriel’s staff about what we could do for them and to ask if they would like to benefit from the use of our setting and resources. St Gabriel’s offered a reciprocal event. This was established in Summer 2018.


Use of school facilities.

Use of teaching staff.


The success of this partnership will be measured at the end of the year when both settings will discuss the impact the stay and play sessions have had.

Pupil Involvement

Nursery aged children (3 to 4 years).


Boys and girls.


Ongoing project over the academic year at suitable times for each setting.