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Gosforth Book Festival

Newcastle School for Boys ran a book festival in October with Gosforth Central Middle School, Gosforth East Middle School and Gosforth Junior High Academy. The event was hosted across the schools, with pupils swapping sites to hear authors speak.  Staff from the three middle schools supported the organisation of the festival.


The aims were to celebrate children’s books and give children the opportunity to meet a wide range of authors and learn more about the life of a writer. The festival was very well supported and received. Approximately 1000 children saw an author speak on the final day.  Approximately 500 visitors came to the senior school  to meet authors and take part in workshops.

Those who benefited were pupils, staff and families from our school, local middle schools and the wider community.


The project was initiated by Newcastle School for Boys and was led by two of its members of staff.  The three middle schools heard about the event and asked if they could be involved in some capacity.  This was the first time the event was run.


The festival was based at the 4 schools on the Friday, 16th October.  The festival was based at NSB’s senior school site on the 17th. Teaching staff and non-teaching staff helped run the events at all four sites.  Approximately 30 – 40 staff were involved altogether. 

The 3 middle schools supported the festival financially and paid for one of the authors. All other costs were covered by NSB.


The event was very well received by all the schools, their staff and pupils. The festival was very well supported by the local community.  Comments were universally positive, encouraging and enthusiastic including many requests for the event to be run again next year. Newcastle School for Boys has already begun to organise the next event which will hopefully be larger with a bigger budget and bring in some other aspects of the arts e.g. music and dance.

Pupil Involvement

Very high involvement of pupils from Newcastle School for Boys with boys from Nursery to Y7 meeting an author on the 16th October and all boys Nursery to Y13 being invited to attend the events on the 17th October.  Some pupils from Y5-8 from the middle schools saw an author on the 16th and all were invited to the 17th.


We are hoping for the event to now become an annual affair.