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Musical performances for residents

NSB boys entertain our neighbours at Abbeyfield several times throughout the year. Each Christmas the choir sings for the residents and spends time socialising with them for the afternoon. NSB occasionally does other performances for them, for example boys, have played at a Garden Party to celebrate the institution’s anniversary and also tea parties occasionally. There have also been extended periods of time where our Duke of Edinburgh pupils have entertained the residents each week for an entire term. 


  • To build links with the wider community.
  • To give our pupils the opportunity to perform.
  • To help our pupils in having empathy towards a different generation and people in care.
  • To show that music can transcend physical and mental barriers and can bring great happiness and comfort to people – both audience and performers alike. 


  • The project is well established, around 7 years old.
  • Abbeyfield contacted the school as one of their residents was a relative of a pupil.


  • Time to rehearse in school.
  • School equipment, sheet music, etc. is taken to Abbeyfield when we perform.
  • Usually just one member of staff required.
  • The bigger performances last for around 1 hour 30 minutes, the more regular ones around 30 minutes. 


No assessment – we are having a good time and providing others with entertainment, escapism and the joy of music! 

Pupil Involvement

Years 7 to 13.


  • Christmas and summer performances tend to be annual events.
  • Duke of Edinburgh volunteers depends on pupils, but can be regular performances lasting weekly for an entire term.