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Languages Partnership Day

It was a great pleasure to welcome four local Primary and Middle Schools to Lambrook this week, for our Ancient and Modern European Languages Day. Five representatives from each school were chosen by their Head teachers to take part in the day, due to their interest and aptitude for languages.

The visiting staff and pupils were joined by Lambrook’s Year 6 pupils for a morning ‘Exploring Languages’, under the categories of Latin, Spanish and French. They all took part in three very interactive sessions. In the Italian session the children tested da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man theory of proportion and then went on a Mona Lisa treasure hunt around the School Library, learning some facts about Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting. In French, the children explored the vocabulary related to parts of the body; describing aches and pains, using a variety of games as well as a couple of energetic renditions of Tête, épaules, genoux, pieds’ (Head, shoulders, knees and toes!) complete with choreography! In Latin, the language was introduced in the context of the archaeological finds of Pompeii; with thanks to digital imaging and Dr Who, the pupils got to meet a typical family in their home, and started to work out how they could introduce themselves to them.

The visiting schools and Lambrook’s staff and pupils truly benefited from working with one another and hopefully were enthused about a variety of Ancient and Modern languages. It was great to be partnering with new people, sharing our resources and learning from others.


We have established a rolling programme of Educational Partnership days with the hope of sharing our resources and specialist teachers with our local schools.  We feel that there is great benefit in children and staff coming together to investigate new topics, share ideas and engage collectively with academic topics.


ISSP initiative sees us engage with local school twice a term offering a different academic focus each time.  We have established our new programme with a focus on partnership and encouraging collaboration between all schools involved.


A large number of School resources were used including IT, class rooms and our theatre.  Beyond this a significant number of staff were fortunate enough to be involved in the day, all sharing their resources and expertise very willingly.


The day involved 21 children from 4 different schools.  We hope that we have helped to further stimulate curiosity around Geography along with wider independent learning and investigative skills, which the children can apply to other areas of their learning.

Pupil Involvement

The children were aged between 9 years and 12 years.  There was a balance of genders and a broad mix of academic ability.


The Languages Partnership Day is part of our ongoing provision which will occur on a yearly basis.