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Introducing Children to Orienteering

The King’s School has a long tradition of excellence in Orienteering and the aim is to use both staff and older pupils at King’s to offer pupils in local schools an introduction to Orienteering using the King's facilities  and equipment.


The main aim is to bring in children from partner schools and offer them an introduction into map reading and independent outdoor learning.

The King’s School is able to support a number of local schools who have very limited outdoor space and resources and a limited budget for booking facilities and staff.


King’s has recently relocated to a new site with large playing field and outdoor spaces. The school has a reputation for producing nationally recognised athletes in orienteering and following meetings with local primary schools, this was an area in which they were looking for some support.


As well as the outdoor space and staff required to run the sessions, King's provides the necessary equipment (maps, compass, checkpoints, needle punches etc) to support the sessions.


The sessions have been enjoyed by a cross section of pupils from different schools. The engagement levels and enthusiasm from visiting pupils and staff is very high. Incorporating a physical challenge as well as a technical involvement brings out different qualities in all pupils who work in teams. It gives teambuilding, collaboration and leadership opportunities to the various groups.

Pupil Involvement

Sessions are adapted to suit the different pupil age ranges and the numbers attending sessions. Numbers have been as high as 60 in one case. The sessions have been aimed at Year 5 and 6 pupils but the adaptable nature of the sessions mean they are suitable for all age ranges.


The sessions run for approximately one hour but the school also run shorter sessions in conjunction with other activities. The sessions are available on Wednesday afternoons in the summer term.