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GCSE Drama Unit 2 Theatre in Education

SES students devise, rehearse and perform short plays based around a relevant and researched theme/topic for Years 3 and 4 at local primary schools.  In addition, they run drama workshops based on their projects with the children and create workpacks to leave with the children.


On the one hand it is to make for a real performance opportunity for our students and to complete 30% of their examination,  on the other hand it has been a way of creating links with the local schools which has helped with marketing and liaison opportunities. 


The project came about with the arrival of the new spec for GCSE back in 2010.  The Head of Drama identified the opportunity and liaised with the schools.  It has been running for five years.


There is a financial contribution of £30 per group - a maximum of 11 groups to date


We have asked the teachers to feedback about the impact and value they felt it had for their students which has always been resoundingly positive.

Pupil Involvement

Between 7 and 9 years old


Completed in the first half term of the Autumn term