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Flourish - Gardening at Loseley Fields Primary School

In partnership with the Royal Grammar School we run a General Studies programme.  Over recent years one of our aims has been to increase the opportunities for our Sixth Formers to engage with and volunteer within in our local community. 

Since September a group of Sixth Formers have been working closely with Loseley Fields (a primary school in Godalming) to makeover their Key Stage One garden.  The garden is fairly large, has buildings that need painter, tires and building materials that need moved and is an area that with much thought and hard work will be much used.  The project will take most of the year and one group of sixth formers will handover to the next until, hopefully in the summer, there is a grand opening.


To provide Sixth Form role models for primary children

Post Covid-19 lockdowns to encourage Sixth Formers to ‘look outwards’ again and be involved with their local community.

Introduce new skills to all; primary children and Sixth Formers.

To design and deliver a complete project, working as a team.


Transport and driver to and from Loseley Fields, weekly

GHS member of staff for 2 hours per week


To date, anecdotally the impact has been very positive.  The children and 6th formers have forged good relationships, are working as a team and work on the garden has begun.  All parties look forward to seeing each other each week.

Pupil Involvement

6th form students from GHS & RGS.  Key Stage 2 pupils from Loseley Fields. 


Weekly, September – March.  Although a discrete project, it will be reviewed annually.