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Design and Technology - Project Boxes

Forging relationships with local schools during Covid-19 has meant thinking differently and creatively. During the last academic year, we formed a new partnership between Stoughton Infant School and GHS, particularly with our Design and Technology department. 

Each term Stoughton pupils work on a project based on a curriculum goal. We wanted to bring our Design & Technology expertise to Stoughton and work with the Year 1 pupils to deliver DT based projects. Due to lockdown, it was not possible to carry out the lesson in person, instead our Design and Technology department, put together a series of arts and crafts resources delivered in a box, a ‘Project Box’.

Over the course of two terms the Project boxes covered a range of different topics; the Polar Regions, Victorians - Beach Huts, spinning tops & dressing dolls, castles and catapults and an array of Easter based activities.   The Project Boxes were delivered to the year 1 & 2 teachers and children.  Those in school were able to make use of all the resources and those at home accessed the arts and crafts activities.  The aim was to teach the children some basic Design and Technology skills of folding, cutting and assembly whilst learning about the specific curriculum area.  

As a result of lockdown, it has also been difficult for our Year 9 pupils to volunteer as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award. A team of around six GHS pupils were able to volunteer and support our lead DT teacher with the design and delivery of the Project Boxes.  At the end of June, 11 of the Year 2s joined us at GHS for a flag making workshop. Our Year 9 ‘Project Box’ team were instrumental in its design and delivery.


To teach the infant school children skills of folding, cutting and assembly.

To enhance Stoughton Infants DT provision to their children

To enable some GHS pupils to be involved in our local community


Various arts and crafts resources – dowels, cardboard, plastic cut with the laser printer, fabric, lolly sticks etc


Input from GHS staff and pupils


Anecdotally, we have been told:


‘I just wanted to give you a quick email of appreciation for the support you have given Stoughton with our DT provision.


The DT resources and ideas have been fabulous and very warmly received and most importantly the children have had improved learning opportunities because of them.’


‘We are so grateful for all the wonderful resources and planning ideas from Guildford High.  The children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities but the highlight was definitely the spinning tops! The children continued to fashion and adapt their own variations for several weeks afterwards.  They became quite competitive over who could make their spinning top spin the longest!’


‘Your generous support with our DT work this year has been invaluable and has helped to raise the status of this wonderful subject at Stoughton.  The children have hugely benefitted from the superb resources, always thoughtfully prepared and carefully packaged.  Having work together remotely via Teams we were delighted to be able to visit with a group of year 2 last week. Your collect input was phenomenal and very much appreciated.  The children had a fabulous time and were proud of their finished flags.’

Pupil Involvement

Ad hoc throughout the academic year.