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Dragon School Philomusica workshops

Young musicians from a wide spectrum of local primary schools, many of whom may not have the opportunity to play an instrument before but who have been identified as having musical ability are invited to join a series of workshops run collaboratively by Dragon Staff and Oxford Philomusica musicians.


The aim is to offer pupils an opportunity to discover orchestral instruments, build confidence and core skills through fun based musical games and performance. The workshops also aim to provide varied experience and develop the skills of following a conductor and ensemble playing.


Former Director of Music John Madden proposed the idea to the County Music service.


We host the workshops and via a benevolent sponsor provide financial assistance to those schools whose pupils may not otherwise be able to take up the opportunity.


Positive outcomes include the opportunity for children from different schools and parts of the city to learn and play together and the number of pupils who have been inspired to engage in music and continue play.

84 pupils from six local primary schools participated in the most recent workshop.

Pupil Involvement

The workshops are offered to pupils between the ages of 8 and 13.


Workshops happen two to three times a year.