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Cross - Country Event

St Hilary's teamed up with Godalming Sixth Form College to run a cross-country event for their Year 2 and 3 pupils. It was a fantastic opportunity for both organisations, providing St Hilary's with the use of the college’s vast fields and the college with training and organisational experience for their sports leaders who helped to run and manage the event.  St Hilary’s invited nearby Witley Infant School to participate so their pupils could have a go at cross-country and so that both schools could experience a competitive environment.

The Director of Sport at St Hilary’s says, “It was a wet and cold afternoon, but nothing dampened the children's spirits. They were excited to be out of school and keen to do their best in the event. It was a fun afternoon and St Hilary's pupils really displayed their excellent behaviour and true grit when running a tough course. We would like to thank Godalming Sixth Form College for allowing the event to take place on their facility and thank Witley Infant School for joining us.  We are already in talks about doing something similar next year but on a greater scale.”