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Charity Fundraising

The school organises a number of charity events throughout the year, and encourages the pupils to participate. 

Students sold hot chocolate and donuts to raise money for The Children's Trust and Mind. They also used the opportunity to talk to one another about mental health awareness.

A twenty-strong team from Taunton School's Long Distance Swim Club participated in an annual fundraiser around the island of St Michaels Mount to raise money for The Chestnut Appeal. The charity supports men with prostate, testicular and penile cancers. It is working with the NHS to develop a unit at Plymouth's Derriford Hospital to support patients going forward. In all the swim raised £20,000.


The aim was to support a local charities and make our support known. 

To encourage the discourse around mental health and talking to peers about de-stigmatising the subject.

To support men's health by fundraising a new hospital unit.  


The Grange's dining room was used.


Students felt more open to talk to one another about mental health. Proceeds of the fundraising went to their chosen charities.

Over £20,000 was raised in total. 

Pupil Involvement

Taunton School International Middle School students.

Prep Students.


Events held annually.