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Charitable, Educational Teaching and Learning Partnership with Kikaaya College School, Uganda

PGS has worked in partnership with Kikaaya College School in Uganda for several years now.  A pupil committee, the Pupil Uganda Group (or PUGs) work with several members of staff to raise funds in support of Kikaaya and annually, work toward a fundraising target of £2500.  This has grown into a partnership because having supported the provision of internet and wifi, we are now moving towards greater alignment with a number of curriculum items, with a strategic target of being able to form a live link between lessons, including app based quizzes where African and British children can compete against each other, and crucially, learn from each other. 

Pupils and staff at PGS are also working closely, in combination with a charity, the Roll Out the Barrel Trust, to build sustainable support to ensure a constant supply of fresh, clean water, and an effective programme in fighting malaria and other common diseases. 

We aim to visit the school at least once every three years, taking with us various items of use, including vital stationery supplies, supporting education in the classrooms and strengthening cultural awareness of our communities.