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Bedford Girls' School STEM Ambassadors

Students came together at the University of Bedfordshire to participate in the STEM Ambassador training programme, with Bedford Girls' School students joining with other schools to take centre stage as trainers.

The Institute of Physics (IOP) trained the Lower Sixth girls first in how to deliver six different experiments to demonstrate Life in Space and explain the science behind them to a particular audience. They focused on communication skills and what makes a good presenter.

The Junior School pupils were split into small groups and joined a mixed team of Year 9 students, who also carried out several space themed experiments with them.

The afternoon started with an icebreaker, where the groups were challenged to build the tallest tower, to seat the Institute of Physics’ mascot. Empowering the Year 9 students with passing on their expertise to the younger students (learnt themselves from the Sixth Formers earlier that day), enabled them to embed their new skills and provided a fantastic learning opportunity for the younger pupils.

All students were made STEM ambassadors by the Institute of Physics, something that they will be able to use throughout their school careers and beyond.


Developing student STEM ambassadors who can promote STEM in their schools and thier local communities; provide skills and training to enable them to promote STEM to their peers and introduce the idea of future career paths in the field by outlining a range of possibilities to the students.


The project came about through conversations between Bedford Girls' School and the Institute of Physics and the need to further promote STEM, and address gendre stereotypes in Physics, within the community.  


Using our resources and knowledge to team up with Institute of Physics and local schools to promote a passion for science and challenge gender stereotypes. 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from the Junior School, Year 9 and the Lower Sixth and various schools across Bedford.


A single event project.