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After Schools Clubs

On a weekly basis Rugby School welcomes over 250 primary pupils to our school. We offer after school clubs and workshops in: Art, Drama, English, French, Latin, Mandarin, Maths, Music, Science, Spanish, Sport.

Rugby School students run these clubs with the support of a subject specialist. 

Rugby School students gain as much fun, enjoyment and a sense of service from these activities. 


To broaden the horizons of our pupils and primary pupils in the Rugby area. 


We have been running this programme for over 15 years. 


Feedback from parents have been extraordinary. One parent explained how their daughter would never have been able to disect a heart at school and spent all of last week explaining how interesting it was. She is determined to become a doctor. 

Pupil Involvement

Primary pupils range from 6-11 years old. Rugby School students are year 11-13. 


Every Wednesday during term-time 3:45 - 4:45.