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Mr Gareth Parker-Jones (Head Master)

Mr Neil Hampton (Regional Principal)

Boys - age range:

Day: 13 to 18

Boarding: 13 to 18

Girls - age range:

Day: 13 to 18

Boarding: 13 to 18


865 pupils

Rugby School case studies (6)

Design for Community


  • Rugby School
  • Primary schools, Care homes and Charities
  • Community Work Fundraising
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Community Work


  • Rugby School
  • Rugby Foodbank
  • Anya Court Care Home
  • Canal & River Trust
  • St Cross Hospital Rugby
  • University Hospital Coventry
  • Cancer Research
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Headway
  • PDSA
  • DAPP
  • Life
  • Sense
  • Community Work Fundraising
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Impact of partnership work done in 2023 (ISC annual Census 2024)

  • 25 state schools involved
  • 2001+ state school pupils involved
  • 3000 staff hours given

Impact Statement

Every Wednesday afternoon sixth form students take part in some form of community service. Long established links to the wider community are regarded as exceptionally important and the contribution made by students at the school towards sustaining this relationship is significant.

In all cases feedback has been good and positive feedback has been voiced from a number of primary teachers who have noticed a difference in the way their children conduct themselves in the classroom.

School links

First Schools Teaching
Volunteer students visit local Infant and Junior Schools (age range five to eight and eight to 11). Activities include reading, arts and crafts, CDT, games and computing and are organised to support the pupils learning experience and to help them develop social skills. It also allows the students to take some authority and initiative when helping the staff.

Science for Primary Schools
Students on this programme plan, design and trial science workshops and deliver these to primary school age children. It is a great choice for A level scientists thinking of continuing the subject at university and keen to inspire others the children to have an enquiring mind to discover more.

Sixth form and D Block students are attached to a primary school student for the year to help with reading, arithmetic and research projects. . This activity takes place at a number of schools in the local area where students offer support and become something of a role model to the child under their supervision

Annual learning event for Local Schools
For one day each year Rugby School hosts a visit from around 300 local primary pupils offering them an exciting and educationally enjoyable day. The pupils from 5 local primary schools, are greeted and taken to a location on site where an activity they have elected to take part in takes place. The choice of activities is varied, and includes Science; Sport; Music; Media; Drama; Modern and Ancient Languages; Maths and IT. They are also able to take part in quizzes, a musical concert and a fun run. This day gives them the opportunity to learn team building skills and integrate with other peer groups.

Supporting children with additional needs
Students visit Brooke School, a local school for children with additional needs. Each Rugby School student is attached to a class where they either assist with activities planned by the teachers, or devise a learning activity in agreement with the teacher.

Rugby School Bursary Awards

Rugby School has an extensive programme of means-tested bursary support for families who would not otherwise be in a position to afford the full fees.


Foundation Awards (Day)

Foundation Awards are made to widen access to a Rugby School education for local children. Funding of such awards is in place thanks to the bequest of our Founder, Lawrence Sheriff, grocer to Elizabeth I, who left his pastureland in Bloomsbury to the children of Rugby town.

Children who are likely to thrive at Rugby School both in our academic and our co-curricular life, who live within 20 miles of Rugby School and are applying for entry as a Day student and whose parents are assessed as being eligible for means-tested bursary support towards fees, may be considered for Foundation Awards.

Foundation Awards are made for 13+ and 16+ entry, and also for 11+ entry at Bilton Grange.


Scholarship Augmentation

The value of any Scholarship Award is a fee concession of 5 per cent which parents or legal guardians of the awardee may elect to accept. More than one Scholarship can be awarded to a candidate although the total fee reduction available is limited to 5 per cent.

The level of fee concession provided can be augmented by bursary support up to 100 per cent of the boarding or day fees, subject to means assessment.

Additionally, at the Head Master’s discretion, exceptional awards with a fee concession which may be greater than 5 per cent can be made where, during the assessment process, we identify exceptional potential.


Arnold Foundation (Boarding)

The Arnold Foundation for Rugby School was established in 2003 to provide funded boarding places for children, who will be likely to thrive as boarders at Rugby School both in our academic and co-curricular life and whose parents are assessed as being eligible for very substantial means-tested bursary support towards fees and extra charges.

Families interested in applying should first complete a Preliminary Information Form to allow us to provide advice and an introduction to the admissions process

Arnold Foundation Awards are made for entry at 13+ and 16+. Places can also be awarded at 11+ at Bilton Grange under the Earle Fund scheme, a part of the Arnold Foundation charity.


Further Awards, Scholarship and Bursary information can be foudn on our website here.

  • Academic scholarships
  • Art scholarships
  • Design scholarships
  • Drama scholarships
  • Music scholarships
  • Sport scholarships
  • Sibling discounts

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