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A Location for 'Shed

We support The Theatre Shed through sharing our facilities for their weekly sessions and summer performances.

We actively fundraise for 'Shed as part of our daily school routine and share expertise through volunteering, assistance and trusteeships. In 2018/19 our School community have raised over £3,200 through various fundraising activities in support of The Theatre Shed. 


Our aims are to help The Theatre Shed develop a base for their future growth.  Identified need came from their lack of space at a previous venue and our ability to offer year-round venue support.

Immediate beneficiaries are young people who participate in The Theatre Shed project - many with learning and physical disabilities.


The partnership began when the Theatre Shed's Chairman approached the School asking for assistance in any way.  It has been established for over 2 years now (2017).


Volunteer (trustee) and venue resources are the key areas of support critical to the success of this partnership.

Our main support is the use of School facilities.

Our partnership includes assistance (volunteer support) from members of our teaching and non teaching staff - the number of which varies dependent on the performance projects at any given time.

We financially support The Theatre Shed by allowing them free hire of our facilities, and through our charitable fundraising activities.


Assessment of the project's success is determined by participation numbers and growth of the Theatre Shed's reach.

Annual assessments are carried out, which have concluded our support has helped their financial situation (through zero hire rates and charitable contributions) as well as their participation numbers.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils (boys) aged 4-13, which is the whole school range, support this partnership through fundraising initiatives.  Older pupils may volunteer or take part in productions from time to time.


This is an ongoing partnership, which takes place weekly on site and is likely to continue long into the future