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Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club

The Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club was established by Wycliffe's Director of Rowing and 2 volunteer coaches to provide local children with the opportunity to learn to row.

Weekly weekend coaching sessions are run from the Wycliffe Boat Club, using Wycliffe Boats and equipment. 

It is a fully functioning rowing club, with entries to regattas and races all part of the experience.


To provide access to specialist rowing coaches and equipment to local children, with a view to inspiring the next generation of GB rowers.

The immediate beneficiaries are those children who access the club, but on a wider basis it benefits the wider WAGS (Worcester, Avon, Gloucestershire and Somerset) rowing community.


Established in 2016 by the Wycliffe Director of Rowing.


The club has full access to the Wycliffe Boathouse, Water, Launches, Rowing Boats and all associated equipment.


Internal fitness facilities, inlcuding rowing machines are also made available for the weekly indoor sessions.

Wycliffe employed rowing coaches and volunteers run the club and all coaching sessions.


The Junior Rowing Club has been successful in every major rowing event entered since it was established and mulitple juniors have been entered into natioanl rowing trials.

Pupil Involvement

30 juniors aged 14 - 18 are current members of the club, both male and female.


Weekly outdoor (on water) 4 hour sessions + weekly 2 hours indoor sessions, all year round.