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World AIMS Art Project

For two years the four Methodist Schools is the Canterbury area (two independent and two maintained VC schools) have been meeting regularly to share best practice and share resources.  This has led to a number of joint events as the relationship between the schools has blossomed.  Events have included sports and music days and most recently an art day. The Methodist Schools fund a national programme called World AIMS ( which functions to raise issues of global awareness in the schools. This year a major theme to their work is 'Peace' so 28 children (7 from each of the four schools) got together for an art day hosted by the Art Department at Kent College. Pupils made a large scale art piece based on doves that they had coloured with the flags of countries currently in conflict.  Pupils also made made paper origami cranes (a symbol of peace from Japan) and designed peace posters together.


The large scale art piece is likely to be displayed at the national Methodist Conference in London in July.