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Walking in the footsteps of Darwin at Hillcroft

This exciting conservation project is set to transform Hillcroft Primary School’s outdoor space into an inviting educational environment for pupils to explore and develop their investigative, imaginative and independent learning skills.  The space will be available to all pupils across the school, including during teacher led sessions.


Hillcroft Primary School has existing links with The Hawthorns Gardening Club, with the help of the DfE grant these links can be strengthened as pupils from The Hawthorns go to Hillcroft to help transform their outdoor space into an outdoor learning environment including a ‘Darwin Walk’, inspired by Darwin’s personal garden which is local to both schools. The walk will include learning stations focussing on different types of habitat/outdoor environment, some of which will be direct recreations of experiments that Darwin carried out in his own garden at Down House. Through the use of QR codes and iPads pupils will be able to develop their own investigations and learning independently. All aspects of the walk will link to the National Curriculum. 


The garden development is already underway, the wildflower meadow will be prepared over Easter and there are plans for a grand opening in July 2015.


“This project is having a tremendously positive impact on our children’s learning and interest in the world around them. It is wonderful to see their love of the outdoors develop and grow.”

Pupil Involvement

All pupils from Hillcroft Primary will be able to access the outdoor space once completed.