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Tonbridge School and Marsh Academy Partnership

Our aim is to establish a true partnership, a genuine two-way relationship based on mutual trust and support. This will enable many of our staff to develop their skills and experience in a different context. From the beginning we have emphasized the importance of human relationships. All the work we do with the Academy is developed from face-to-face contact identifying areas in which we can use our skills to help the Academy realise the potential of its students. Many Tonbridge staff have already had the experience of working with the Academy and many Marsh students have visited Tonbridge for study days. We have achieved much, but are constantly re-evaluating and developing our role reflecting the needs of our partner school.



*Regular academic support and teaching in key subject areas such as Mathematics, Science and English.

*The running of Study Days at Tonbridge for Marsh students. These days include academic sessions, but also the opportunity for pupils from the two schools to meet socially over lunch in the houses.

*The development of an e-mentoring scheme through which Tonbridge boys can provide academic help and support to Marsh students.

*The creation of a GAP year placements for two recent OTs to spend a term working at The Marsh Academy.

*Help and support from the Bursar.

*The Headmaster sits on the governing body of the Academy.


Since 2007, following an invitation to work as partners at the formation of the academy.


The chief resource is the time devoted to the project by staff and students at both organisations.  Facilities at both schools are used to facilitate the partnership, with regular visits to both schools, with both teaching and non-teaching staff used to support the objectives.


The partnership is kept under constant rolling review by the senior teams at both schools who meet regularly.

The partnership with Tonbridge is cited as a contributory reason for the Marsh Acdemy's improved reports and results.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils are willing participants, giving time as part of the gap year programme and also acting as mentors as part of a support scheme.

Students providing support from Tonbridge are 13-18 year old boys.


Ongoing and likely to continue indefinitely.