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Science For Schools

Science for Schools is a Wednesday afternoon activity which has run since 2009. Initially funded by Building Bridges, an educational charity, the scheme is now internally financed. We work with a number of local primary schools to provide support to their own science teaching by provision of fun practical activities designed to address Key Stage 2 learning objectives. Primary schools are often poorly resourced, have large class sizes and many primary teachers are not science specialists, meaning they may not have the facilities or confidence to deliver exciting practical science lessons. We try to address all of these barriers by opening up our own laboratories, providing a bus service to and from Tonbridge and by using our own pupils to help supervise and deliver activities.

We hope that our sessions not only ignite enthusiasm in visiting pupils but also encourage teachers to have a go at more activities back in their own schools.


Activities include:

An introduction to chemical reactions, making copper sulphate crystals starting with copper carbonate and sulphuric acid.

Determining the energy content of foods by burning them and measuring the heat given off

Working out the correct ratio of chemicals to mix in order to make a reliable chemical ‘egg timer’

Designing, building and testing parachutes or crumple zones to protect an egg when dropped from a great height or strapped to the front of a wooden car

Investigating the crawling speed of maggots under conditions of light and dark

The aim is to improve Key Stage 2 learning objectives, but also to give primary school teachers the confidence to try certain experiments or lessons in their own classes.


The scheme has been running since 2009. 


None of this would be nearly as effective without the presence of Tonbridgians -staff and students - to help guide and supervise our visitors. It’s not hard to get them to help though, the sessions are great fun and they learn to perform and carry out a range of demonstrations they would not ordinarily be allowed to do. The benefits to them are clear as their teaching and communications skills develop over the course of the year. Many boys also count Science for Schools towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Service Section and to support their UCAS applications.

The scheme uses Tonbridge's science labs and classroom spaces. Originally the project was funded by Building Bridges, but Tonbridge now funds the work internally.


The children see positive learning outcomes at Key Stage Two and the Tonbridge boys develop their own communication and teaching skills. 

Pupil Involvement

TS students Year 11 - 13.



Weekly for around 90 minutes.