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Tillside Cricket working partnership

We work closely with our local cricket club, we are fortunate to use their full side cricket ground for games and practise and host training sessions at school for their team where pupils can receive expert advice and coaching from players. This includes skills camps during the holidays


Aims:- To utilise the staff and facilities of the school to further develop the cricket provision of local schools as well as to support local and regional initiatives.

Need:- The lack of a suitable and safe area to conduct such an event gave rise to its inception.  Additionally a lack of existing provision and experienced/qualified coaches and officials from within the community resulted in a deficit to host games in the area.

Factors for success:- Success factors include the ability to cater for the cricket needs of all children within the local community.  Additionally, the ability to ensure periodic and appropriate games is vital to the programmes success.

Beneficiaries:- pupils, players


We have several staff and former pupils who play for the club who recognised the mutual benefit in sharing facilities. 


The event makes use of the school site, facilities and staff for full day of competition and other training events.


Qualitative assessment of the shared usage is reviewed periodically to ensure we are working well together.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils aged 3 to 19


We host weekly training at school and holiday camps. We play weekly at the cricket grounds during the summer term