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Junior Cross Country Event

Cross country running event for various local primary school aged pupils.


Aims:- To utilise the staff and facilities of the school to further develop the sporting provision of local schools/pupils.

Need:- The lack of a suitable and safe area to conduct such an event gave rise to its inception.  Additionally a lack of existing provision and experience from within the community resulted in a deficit to host cross country events.

Factors for success:- The success is dependent upon the majority of local primary schools taking part in the event and benefitting from the experience, as well as the ability of the school to host a smooth and safe event (both achieved).

Beneficiaries:- Primary aged pupils, parents and teachers of local schools.


The event was founded due to the on-going collaboration between the school, local state and independent schools and the wider community.  The event was first formed in 2009.


The event encapsulates the use of the school site, facilities and staff for one full day of competition and one full day of set up and preparation.  The event additionally carries with it a financial responsibility required to provide refreshments, certificates and medals.


Qualitative assessment of the event is carried out on an annual basis through reflective mechanisms involving school staff and the local community/schools.  The impact is viewed as positive and purposeful.

Pupil Involvement

The event caters for upwards of 350 pupils from age 5-11 years and includes both state and independent sector children.  This is a mix gender event servicing both sexes equally.


The event takes place once in a calendar year and is set to continue for the forseeable future.