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The Friday Afternoon Music Project

Music teachers at Monmouth School Girls' Prep and Monmouth School Boy's Prep are working with all the local primary schools in a collaborative singiing project during the Spring Term of 2018 which will culminate in a public performance.


Friday Afternoons is about encouraging young people to sing. Our newly composed songs and support material aim to help teachers develop their students’ skills – as performers, listeners and composers.


The music teachers identified an opportunity to get all the children of Monmouth working collaboratively and singing together for the very first time, giving them the opporutnity to sing some modern music that has been composed especially for the project. The project was initiated in January 2018.


The girls' prep and boys' prep have offered the use of their halls as rehearsal venues as well as the talent of the music teachers to engage and inspire the children. The theatre of Monmouth Boys School will be the venue for the concert performance and the Haberdaseher's Monmouth Schools are also providing trasnportation for school that need it to attend rehearsals and the concert performance.