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Agincourt Baby Club

Agincourt Baby Club is a toddler group that runs every other Thursday in term time. It is open to any parents within the local community and it is free to attend. The club is run by School staff and a parent volunteers. It provides access to the site and facilities for all children in the local area.


 The aim of the project was to share our excellent facilities and grounds with parents and children who may not otherwise have access to them.

We consider the project to be a great success as we are running at capacity and parental feedback has been extremely positive.


Initially the School was in discussions with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) about using their grounds for one-off evnts in the school holidays or at weekends. The idea of a free toddler group - with activities run by trained teachers - began here.

The school have been sponsoring local NCT events for two and a half years. Agincourt Baby Club began in January 2017 and is an ongoing project.


The club is run by a Nursery teacher, the Head and a parent volunteer. All resources and materials are provided by the school and staffing cover for our own Nursery class is an additional cost.

A Nursery classroom, the hall, grounds and Forest School area are all used by the club. Catering costs are also covered by the school.

A good deal of time and effort goes into preparing activities for the club.


 ABC has filled a local need and the response from parents and children attending has been extremely positive.

The impact on the attendees, our own Nursery and staff are evaluated after each session.

It has been agreed that the club will run for the next year, and evaluation will continue.


Every other Thursday - term time only.

From January 2017 - ongoing.