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Support of Y11 mathematicians

Some of our Y12 gifted mathematicians visit the oasis Academy each week for an afetrnoon to work with the top set y10 and y11 students there. they are under the guidance of our former Deputy Head, who works there voluntarily.


To help extend the more able Y10s and 11s to achieve top grades at GCSE in maths.


A former head of maths and Deputy head volunteers at the Oasis Academy an identified the need.This has been running since September 2017.


Boys are minibussed there each week and the former QEH teacher looks after them.


It is anticipated that this will result in better results and a greater takeup at Maths A level.

Pupil Involvement

2 to 4 QEH Y12 pupils each week. Working with around 30 Y10s and 30 Y11s.  


Weekly all year and planned to continue next year