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Maths enrichment and support

One of our maths teachers is spending an afternoon each week in Horfield school to support and further enrich mathematics teaching. He is working with smaller groups (primarily higher ability in Y6), who are taken out of their usual maths lessons.


To help support and further enrich maths teaching and particularly to extend the most able. One particularly able mathematician in Y6 is being given 30-45 minutes of one on one time every other week.


The project came about through a personal contact who is a teacher in Horfield school talking about her work and one of our maths teachers volunteering to give extra support in maths there. It has been running since September 2015.


One teacher spending an afternoon at Horfield school once per week.


No formal assessment of the benefits but it is clear that the pupils are enjoying themselves and thriving academically with the specialist attention in a small group.

Pupil Involvement

No pupils involved from QEH. From Horfield over 20 Year 6 pupils.


We plan for this to be an ongoing commitment with Horfield which we will repeat next year, probably in maths again but perhaps in another subject specialism.