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Support in facilities

Parkwood Hall School has a thriving steel band and they train performers and give concerts and training workshops in schools. We are working with them on hosting a concert and a workshop. 


To give our students the chance to work with children with additional needs from a specialist setting and learn from them in a musical context which we cannot offer here. 


Personal contact between the schools and a desire to increase our charitable and outreach work and enrich our students' experience of life. We were also keen to expand the fitness opportunities on their part. They already have a good record of going out as a band to train others and perform. 


Their expertise in steel plan playing and their knowledge of how to train others. We have made a partnership agreement in writing, stating what each will offer the other in our skills trade. We are also offering our pool to them for use free of charge. Staffing numbers will become clearer once the work and sharing starts. 

Pupil Involvement

All our Prep school pupils attended the concert and were thrilled by it. (250 pupils) 

The year 7s (22) attended the workshop where they were trained by the students from Parkwood . They found this both joyful and moving