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Student-run debating workshop

Devised and delivered by KES pupils, these workshops take place every Friday at local primary schools, aimed at children in Years 4 and 5. The one-hour workshop introduces the concept of formal debating to the schoolchildren. Working in small groups, the children are given practice in public speaking skills and challenging others’ points of view and are encouraged to back up their arguments with factual evidence.


Primary schools ask us for activities led by King Edward's School boys. Often they see these boys as excellent male role models for their pupils. 


The project was developed and is run by the KES boys. It has been running for 4 years. 


The boys design the workshop and put together their own resources. A taxi takes them to the school on a Friday afternoon for a one hour workshop. The boys are accompanied by a teacher. 


Schools are warmly welcoming of the workshop and it gets booked up very quickly. The students are invited to attend other Outreach activities at KES, including our Maths Challenge, Chess and Summer School. 

A response from a teacher: "I would just like to say a huge thank you to the boys who came this afternoon to run the debating with our children. There were as ever a delight to work with and the children enjoyed the session. We hope the boys returned to school safely and without traffic issues."

Pupil Involvement

The workshop is run by 6 boys from the upper years of the school. 


The workshop is run weekly on a Friday afternoon.