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Standlake Beavers Partnership

The Standlake Beavers use Cokethorpe School as their Head Quarters and run weekly activities and summer camps within the school grounds.


The Standlake Beavers have a thriving membership and a waiting list but require a safe environment for their weekly meetings in a location where a wide range of activities can be delivered on-site. Set in over 150 acres of parkland, only a few miles north of Standlake village, Cokethorpe School offers the Beavers an ideal base at no cost.

The Beaver colony is comprised of 6-8 year olds from the surrounding area and is considered a valuable resource for young people in the wider community.


The Beavers identified Cokethorpe as a perfect setting for a colony many years ago. They are a wholesome group that contributes to the positive development of young people in the local area, making them a perfect partner for Cokethorpe School to support.


The Beavers use a wide range of facilities within the school grounds including a hall for activities, astroturf pitches, parkland, woods and outdoor learning areas.

The Beavers meet at Cokethorpe once a week and hold camps in the grounds in the summer. There is no charge made for the use of the facilities.

Pupil Involvement

The Beavers are open to all 6-8 year olds from the surrounding area. Although most attend local village state primary schools, a number also attend Cokethorpe Prep School.


The Beavers meet once a week during term time and at additional times as needed (eg summer camp). The partnership is highly established and is due to continue for the foreseeable future.