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St Faith's Partnership

The partnership started with Year 3 children from Babraham, visiting St Faith’s, to see our production of Madagascar. We put on a coach to collect the children and they also stayed for lunch.  Year 6 children then visited St Faith’s for a Science lesson and to experience learning in a fully equipped Science lab, something the children from Babraham had not encountered before. We will continue with these Science lessons once a term, next year and look to add other subjects, such as Computing and Engineering, in the future.



We believe that we are in a unique position to assist and support schools in our local community.  Babraham Primary school has just less than 100 children and as a result lacks certain facilities such as science labs, computer suites and engineering rooms.  Having visited the school, they make up for this with innovative use of space and excellent teaching.  

The teachers from Babraham would need to buid in time in their schemes of work for experiements that can then be carried out in a St Faith's Science lab. 


The partnership Launched with all of their Key Stage Two children to see our Year 6 production of Madagascar.  This provided the children an opportunity to see children at St Faiths perform.  Deputy Head of ST Faith's used to work with the Headteacher at Babraham. 




School mini bus to transport children to and from St Faith's. Science technician time for setting up and supporting during the lesson. 

Availability of the Science labs. 


Text below taken from the bulleting from Babraham Primary school.   

Our year 6 pupils had a fantastic afternoon of science as they took a trip 

over to St. Faith’s School in Cambridge. In their very own lab coats, the

 children really enjoyed working in a fully-equipped science lab as they

 experimented with Bunsen burners and worked through activities with




 the help of Ms Barker and the staff from the St. Faith’s science

 department. Mateo really enjoyed the trip, explaining that “it was all

 very exciting. I got to use a Bunsen burner for the first time ever and it

 was really interesting mixing the flame with different metals. I learned

 a lot”.













Pupil Involvement

Year 6 children enjoyed sharing their production with other children. 

Children in Year 6 will come to St Faith's to experience a Science lesson in a lab delivered by our Head of Science.  This will be followd by smaller sessions at St Faith's deleivered by Babraham teachers. 


We are expecting that children will come to St Faith's once a term for Science.