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Integrated Arts Project (Castle School, Cambridge)

St Faith’s continues to support local schools. Previously we worked with children from two special schools in Cambridge for a two-day drama workshop culminating in a performance to parents and staff. Our Year 7 children worked with children from the Castle and Granta schools.  


St Faith’s selects fifteen pupils to collaborate with pupils form Castle and Granta Special Schools (schools for children with behavioural, learning or physical difficulties) on an Integrated Arts Project. We have been involved in these movement workshops over a number of years and have found that the opportunity can build bridges on many levels, not simply in terms of ability/disability but also across the state/independent sector. The aims are to promote creativity and to foster understanding and integration between people with and without a disability. In previous years, the children have found the experience extremely rewarding.

The children work in partnership with children with behavioural, physical or learning difficulty in a carefully supervised environment. The workshop enables shy children to shine and requires confident children to share. The integrated arts project requires strong team effort. The pupils have the opportunity to devise and choreograph their own movement work to performance.


This is a long standing project. 


The project takes place at each school in turn. Last year St Faith's hosted the project in Ashburton Hall over two days. This year it will be held at Granta. Last year the running of the event was organised with our English/Drama teacher and Teaching Assistant while working with the children. We pay £700 towards the costs.


The children write feedback on the event. This is written up and place in the newsletter. There is a sharing at the end of the two days to which parents are invited.

Pupil Involvement

Around 10 children in Year 7 from St Faith's work with a similar number from Castle School.



This event happens every year and lasts for 2 days.